A Proactive Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to Kodel LTD, a digital marketing agency in London that is compromised on a group of passionate individuals who are aiding small to medium size businesses to get more customers. Our main goal is to enable businesses to accomplish and streamline their goals while we become their digital arm to populate results from internet and drive success to them.

Creating a place for small business in a big market is a tough task and by taking small productive steps it will lead to growth and success. We start your business journey, from creating a first impression all the way to a business strategy to make you unique in the crowd. To get the incredible results, it is important you should know and understand your business and audience to create a pathway to success.

We love to be your marketing partner and make a difference for you because we passion to see your business grow.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Process

Grow your customers, revenue, and influence with our digital marketing agency strategy.

Discuss your business idea in detail and discover how we can help you to succeed and skyrocket your return on investment. Book a free 30-minute consultation call with us now and talk about the business objectives you want to achieve.

Secure and learn how your business can incorporate our result-driven solutions to overcome digital problems and increase lead generation from search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing and even email marketing.

Grow your clients, income, and loyalty with the latest digital marketing techniques and enable 100% performance to obtain the maximum outcome. We love to discuss how we help other businesses and can help you achieve your goals.

Who We Work For?

An agency for small to medium businesses

Kodel is not a conventional digital marketing agency in London. Our passionate team works for small to medium businesses as they come in different shapes and sizes. We are a total digital package for growing businesses because we know what’s essential to get started with digital marketing and make it successful. We are a tailored digital marketing agency that works according to business needs and budgets. That is not it! We also provide content management systems for online stores and even bespoke software products for small and medium businesses at competitive prices and help them execute and manage the entire solution.

Let us help your business to stand tall in today's digital world and grow your customer, revenues, and influence with internet marketing. Get a custom quote now, or you can schedule a meeting with one of the digital marketing consultants to get started with digital marketing.

Pricing Plans

Based on market demand, we have created 4 packages
that will cover all your business needs.

Features Hours 20 hrs. 30 hrs. 45 hrs. 75 hrs.
Duration 3 Months 3 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Monthly Reporting
Campaign Setup
Competitor Analysis
Digital Marketing Strategy
Google Analytics Tracking
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Custom Reports
Meetings Monthly Fortnightly Fortnightly Weekly
Setup 15 Days 12 Days 10 Days 7 Days
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We Are A Digital Marketing Agency

In the 2021 digital arena, every business wants to be at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) and our digital marketing team leads your business to achieve it. We have a decade worth of experience in developing client-centered websites and providing essential marketing services to boost your business's online presence and reputation.

Kodel LTD is in the hub of digital marketing agencies in London. We strategize a resulted-oriented marketing strategy to increase lead conversion while building your brand reputation, ranking, and personality to make you trustworthy in the market. We strive to get maximum return on investment for your business by incorporating the right marketing practices to make it done.

Be on the top of SERPs

We have result-driven strategies to rank your business on the top of google searches. Our diverse solution works according to your business plan, nature and needs. SEO requires relevancy and efficient consultation to get the right result. Become a Kodel partner and climb the mountain of success.

Build Your Digital Footprint

We are the No.1 digital marketing agency in London that assists you to start your company digital expedition. Our mission is to work with small to medium sized businesses and become their success partner. Get started and let the world know about your brand and presence.

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A Digital Hub For All Your Business needs

kodel is a digital marketing agency proficient in driving success for your business from SEO to paid advertisement to social media marketing and even from content and email marketing. What makes us different is being a total package that can assist from setting up your business identity, managing domain and hosting, developing, deploying, and maintaining the website. Then adding a consistent digital strategy to it make sure it works out for your business.

We work with your business as a team that provide the best and practical input to make sure that you achieve your short term and long-term goals. Our dynamic working expertise and skills make us at a different level and your business do not have to look for other specialist to take care of extra IT tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with kodel?

Kodel is a digital marketing agency in London, but that cannot stop you from contacting us. It does not matter where your business is in the world. We will provide similar digital marketing services as we are providing in London. We understand the challenges for small businesses, and we perform all levels of campaigns. Having a broad working experience qualifies us to work with all types of business and make them known on the internet. Let us help your business to get more client attention and loyalty.

How much hands-on experience does kodel have to do a job?

We are a group of individuals that have diverse experiences in different IT fields. We compose a passionate team, and every member has eight years of experience in their domain. We have dedicated team leads and managers empowered with knowledge and skill to make the job done. Some of our expertise includes digital marketing, web development, CMS and software development, cloud computing, hosting management and much more. To get into more details, schedule a free 30-minute call now.

How are we different from other digital marketing agencies in London?

Our working traits and the practical client relation make us different. We like to become your digital team and make a difference in your progress. While you work on your business core objectives, we create a digital structure to support it. Our team managers give updates every week to know where you are standing in the market and expectations in the coming days. We influence our clients at every granular level, and we make sure we cater to every digital need they have by adding a positive impact to their business.

How long it takes for a digital marketing strategy to work for business.

An average strategy takes 3 to 6 months to start giving the outcome, and within a year, it is fully flourishing to provide your business support. A digital strategy is a combination of organic and paid optimization, social media marketing approaches. Even we work on email and content marketing strategies to create influence in the market. We believe in long term and productive relation that keeps on adding positive impact on your business growth. There is more to it, and we can discuss a detailed approach for your business once we know what objectives your company wants to achieve.

Which digital marketing channel should I choose for my business? Can kodel help?

Indeed, the kodel will assist you in choosing a suitable digital model that fits your business needs and provide a positive outcome. We provide in-depth knowledge to the client about the services and their impacts on their business. Choosing the right digital marketing services is critical and may vary according to your business objectives. Might be your business needs local SEO and social media marketing to create an influence and it can be different for other company. Let's explore all the options that can work for your success.

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